Technology Engineering

Phase 5 has decades of experience working on the complex phases of a new product launch. Every product has numerous parts and moving pieces - we provide controls for traceability of change orders and revisions. Since a BOM and technical documentation is critical, we manage everything from components to assemblies. The decades of experience ensures you get the level and depth of feedback necessary for total product management.

Solar Engineering

Our team has the breadth of multiple fields including Electrical, Mechanical and Civil for PV park designs with decades of experience in optimization for maximizing ROI. By incorporating factors like wind, structural, geo-technical, building mechanical/electrical into the requirements ensures a holisitc view of the ground or roof-top systems.

Quality Assurance

In a dynamic product launch phase, component quality and assembly level quality becomes critical to track and monitor. Phase 5’s QA department works with your engineering group to disposition rejects and follow through on vendor quality improvements. We also provide MRB (Material Review Board) process that quarantines questionable inventory and dives into root-cause to discrepancy drawings. Failure rates from parts quality can rapidly slow down or stop production lines. Working with our Materials Management function, we can ensure total vendor management and complete feedback to your engineering group for corrective action. Phase 5 adheres to industry standard CE, ISO 9001:2000, 13485:2003 and GMP protocols


Phase 5’s team is certified in Lean Six Sigma techniques. We use Value Stream Mapping (VSM) methods to create a visual map of your product or service. This powerful method to analyze the flow of materials and information is required to bring a product to market. There are two stages to this process where a current and future value stream map is compared and the aim is to create flow and eliminate waste.  The production cell is organized in a U-shaped cell to represent the flow of material and process steps while minimizing waste and redundancies.  Our manufacturing team brings over three decades of experience.

Supply Chain

Phase 5’s goal is to provide a seamless chain of items for production to manufacture on time for the market demand. With a detailed capacity plan, the materials team will guide you through release of materials from the supply base and ensuring they are delivered to the line using the correct transport mode. Phase 5 has a dashboard of metrics to track performance of your supply chain from on-time delivery, inventory shrink management, vendor managed inventory, inventory accuracy, supply chain responsiveness matrix and waste reduction. We can customize the dashboard to suit your needs and provide constant data flow to manage materials cost to a near-science accuracy. The materials team can also qualify new or consolidate value chain so as to flex with the different phase of product transitions. We can implement Demand Flow Technology (DFT) or Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) to minimize over-stock and maximize cash flow. Phase 5 can dramatically improve your bottom line.


Phase 5 has capabilities and capacity to outsource your procurement department. Our buyers and planners have industry experience to manage vendor relationships and represent your organization with professionalism and courtesy. The team uses a wide range of communication tools from telephone, chat, email, fax and EDI. Phase 5’s competitive pricing schedule, flex hours and professional team are positioned to support global vendor management. With our call center in California, we are proud of growing within the USA so the team can be cross-trained and deployed for your products in a matter of weeks.  Let Phase 5 deliver the results you have been striving.

Master Schedule

Phase 5 master schedulers interface with your marketing, distribution, and production to communicate capacity plans. A capacity plan is calculating quantity to meet total demand requirements from all sources. There are several strategies to consider including Make-to-stock, Make-to-Order and Assemble-to-order. Our master-schedulers can create hybrid combinations for a more complex product. Call us today to deploy your own Phase 5 capacity plan.

Contract Review

Phase 5 has a contract review group that establishes communication with your sales team to refine the sales to order process. Our goal is make the flow of information efficient with high accuracy of data that can quickly translate into a production order. After all, your goal is to increase your market presence with every shipment. Our team will evaluate the commercial terms through each customer order to ensure adherence with your targets. A significant number of Asia-Pacific customers use Letter of Credit (LC) terms to process payments. By using our services, you minimize errors on transportation, logistics documentation hence shortening your quarterly Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). DSO is measured as (Accounts Receivable / Total Credit Sales) x Number of days. Phase 5 ensures quicker conversion of sales into cash.