Semiconductor / Consumer Electronics

With Phase 5 you have access to a team of experts with over 20 years of industry experience combined.  This span of knowledge and expertise enables us to develop innovative ways of introducing your products in the North American, European and Asian markets.


Phase 5 has assisted start-ups to establish supply chain for large construction projects.  We manage your project to ensure optimum use of funding in a capital-intensive project.  By recognizing the multiple factors of a system, our experts can quickly optimize these elements against your unique business objectives.  We save you hundreds of millions of dollars.


Whether you are looking to launch your product into the US, Canadian, European or other international markets, Phase 5 is your partner in the product development phase. Our experts will help you identify, understand and overcome obstacles early to avoid costly design and re-engineering delays. We speed your path from prototype to production.

Medical Devices

With thousands of dollars invested in developing the latest technology for the market, your product launch has to be flawless.  Let us take your product to market by implementing lean principles.  Phase 5 has a network of resources to assist clients with quality assurance challenges, process gaps and consistency in production.  We keep you ahead of the competition.