About Us

Phase 5 is a technology and product development firm that bridges the gap between R&D to Market. We boost your growth by launching new products and optimizing existing ones.

Most startups and small businesses fail because they focus entirely on developing technology, not products. The failures can be due to poor planning, higher than anticipated costs of product or quality issues. Products require infrastructure in engineering, sales, marketing, service and operations. Executing a crisp operations plan delivers growth to the company.

Working with our customers, our product life cycle solutions are customized by understanding front-end needs and translating them into manufacturing. We provide the focus of an experienced team. You get rapid market adoption by integrating production methodology into the design process. We specialize in LED, Solar, Medical Devices, Green Technology and Semiconductor / Consumer Electronics markets. As a world-class business partner, you will experience:

  • Shortened procure-to-pay cycle
  • Increased speed to market
  • Optimized product quality through lean principles
  • Total inventory management
  • Improved customer service

Phase 5’s Mission: (ETrOps)

  • Engineering - Actively work with R&D team from design, prototype to production. Work across time zones, borders and cultures to exceed customer expectations and ensure highest satisfaction for your product experience.
  • Transition – Manage product towards deliverables for market launch, serviceability or obsolescence. Team is accountable for smoothing out market launch by vetting supply chain and creating lean manufacturing process.
  • Operations - Use technology to deliver time sensitive data and analysis of product operations. Establish metrics, targets and deliverables to align product towards volume production.