“Phase 5 takes on the toughest assignments and chronic issues that others did not want to touch. The result has impacted key metrics at Apple.”
Sudhir M
Quality Manager
"Introducing a new product, Phase 5 has always been right on the ball, proactive in communication and closing the open issues. The team is quality oriented, results driven, and always creative in identifying new methodology to improving manufacturing efficiency."
Jerry L
Product Manager
"Phase 5 brings a wide range of experience and rapidly masters the environment during product launch."
Greg K

Supply Chain

"Phase 5 watches the balance sheet, materials and production demands to ensure they are in sync. This allowed customer tools to ship on time, repeatedly."
Materials Manager
"Phase 5 understands operations. The focus is on product knowledge and that becomes the biggest asset. Technically the experts at Phase 5 have what it takes."
Rohit S.
Materials Manager


"Phase 5 work is detail oriented and good at challenging, motivating, and communicating. By identifying and tracking all project activities we were effectively meeting project milestones and due dates."
Brian C
Service & Install Manager
"Phase 5 has demonstrated on multiple occasions, creative solutions of executing product delivery to the market place"
Anand V
Product Manager








Phase 5 Corp.

#1801 - 1 Yonge St

Toronto, ON

Tel/Fax: (408) 637-5725

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